writing cv / résumé

I am a regular contributor to Writing Magazine, the UK’s best-selling magazine for writers, and provide manuscript assessment and editorial services for aspiring and published writers. In 2008 I edited the biography, John Barry – The Man With The Midas Touch by Gareth Bramley, Geoff Leonard and Peter Walker. I have been Content Editor for the classical music audio streaming company Classical.com.

I have worked as a freelance writer, interviewer or editor for Amazon.co.uk the BBC, Blackfish, HMV, the London Symphony Orchestra, Naxos, Mellowdrama Records, Northern Stage, the Royal Opera House and the Royal Philharmonic. My writing has been published by Empire, Films & Filming, Gramophone, Interzone, MusicWeb International and SFX. Among the people I have interviewed are Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Sophie Aldred, Gerry Anderson, Kevin J. Anderson, Colin Baker, Elmer Bernstein, Ed Bishop, Cory Doctorow, George Fenton, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Robert Holdstock, Laura Michelle Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jordi Savall, Stephen Warbeck and Debbie Wiseman.

Poole Literary Festival

Between 2010-11 I was Press & Media Co-ordinator for the Poole Literary Festival. Our début festival was visited by an estimated 41000 people over the weekend of 29-31 October. I was involved with organising many aspects of the festival, writing most press releases, website copy and all the press pack for the festival, as well as proofreading all content generated by the festival. This involved liaising with authors, sourcing photos, etc. as well as appearing on local radio promoting the festival. I also organised a special end-of-festival Halloween film showing in collaboration with the Purbeck Film Festival, which included my taking part in an on-stage discussion about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with BAFTA-winning screen writer John Foster and Richard & Judy novel contest winner and Mary Shelley Festival Founder Christine Aziz. Festival guests included Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Adrian Beckingham, Mavis Cheek, Katie Fforde, David Gaffney, Elvis McGonagall, Michael Morpurgo (Festival Patron), Imogen Parker, Adele Parks, Keira Rathbone, Nicky Singer, Minette Walters and BOAT Players. In conjunction with the Poole Literary Festival and working in partnership with Bournemouth University I was instrumental in launching Britain’s first New Media Writing Prize.

Despite the initial Festival being a great success, due to economic conditions there will not be a Poole Literary Festival in the autumn of 2011. The New Media Writing Prize continues here.


Writing Magazine / Writers’ News

Contributed news to every issue since the late 1999. Interviews in some issues, including novelists Christopher Priest and Cory Doctorow.

Feature on Dracula (February 2010). Interview with novelist Mike Shevdon (November 2009).


As freelance editor contributed hundreds of professional reviews, articles and interviews. (1999-2004). Interviews include Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Gerry Anderson, Elmer Bernstein, Colin Baker, Ed Bishop, Sophie Aldred, Ricardo Pinto, Stephen Warbeck, Debbie Wiseman. Reviews included books on computing, technology and science.

HMV Choice

Contributed reviews to 47 of the 48 issues of this in-store promotional magazine. Features and interviews to many issues. Interviews include George Fenton, Laura Michelle Kelly.

(The world’s authority on classical music magazine since 1923)

Provided content 1999-present – reviews, articles and interviews. Most recently a feature on French film music published in the April 2011 issue.


Reviews to almost every issue since 1994. Articles and interviews in many issues.
Interviews include: A Very British Tradition: Stephen Palmer (novelist) (No.192 – March / April 1997) and interviews with Kevin J. Anderson and Kathleen Ann Goonan.


Feature interview with Christopher Priest (No.207 – Nov / Dec 2006)
TV Reviewer for various issues. Contributed short pieces to several issues.


Contributed reviews to most issues of the 21 issue life of this magazine (2007-2009)
Article on Philip K. Dick in issue 4.


Reviews and articles in many print issues between 1995 and 2002. These include:
‘The Triumph of the Will of Stanley Kubrick’ (No. 143 – May/June 2000)
‘Sitting in the Dark: Minority Report’ (No.157 – September / October 2002)

Bournemouth Daily Echo

Film reviewer (1995-98). Contributed many short items to various editions.

Additional Publications


Promotional material and artist biographies. (2006-2008).

Mellowdrama Records

Booklet essays for the albums La Puta y la Ballena & Three Colours Trilogy (2006-7).


Obituary for Jerry Goldsmith (2004).

Weekend Magazine

Feature travel article on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina (2002).

Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Wood

Interview with the author originally published on the author’s own website (2001).

Northern Stage (theatre company)

Programme notes for stage production of Nineteen Eighty-Four (2001).

London Symphony Orchestra

Programmes notes for various Barbican concerts.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Promotional materials for several CDs produced by the orchestra.

MusicWeb International

Interview with Jordi Savall and numerous reviews.

HMV Canada

Editorial updates to annual catalogue.


I am Bournemouth Base-Camp Coordinator for the Jane Goodall Institute UK. In January 2011 I was involved in organising Dr Goodall being honoured by the mayor of Bournemouth. I am currently organising a celebration of Jane Goodall’s 50 years of ground-breaking chimpanzee research and environmental campaigning, to be hosted by Jane at Bournemouth University on 22 May.

I was a judge of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for two years (1999-2001). This is a jury award with a panel of five judges. It is the most prestigious award for science fiction in the UK. Fellow judges included novelists Kim Newman and Lisa Tuttle.

Features Editor of Vector: The Critical Journal of the British Science Fiction Association (1995-2000 – issues 185-214).

Editor for website MusicWeb International (2000-2005)

Interviewed for a Royal Opera House podcast, December 2008

Profiled in the Bournemouth Daily Echo, 2003


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