Science Fiction Holiday stories market

This one is probably of most interest for American readers, as we don’t really grasp the concept of ‘the holidays’ on this side of the pond. What with it being dark and gloomy and most of us working right up to 24 December.

Carina Press, the ‘digital first’ imprint of Harlequin Press, are looking for science fiction novellas between 18,000 – 35,000 words with a winter holiday theme. The chosen titles will be published both individually as ebooks and together as a print anthology in December 2012. Stories must contain elements of SF, and can also feature romantic, mystery, thriller, horror or other sub-genres. The only absolute givens are that stories must fit some definition of science fiction and the narrative must revolve around the winter holidays as understood in the US – i.e. Halloween through Thanksgiving to Christmas.

The anthology will be edited by Carina’s Executive Editor Angela James, who says that stories should be ‘interesting, creative and well written’ but does not want to impose further restrictions so as not to miss out on ‘something amazing’.

To submit send your complete manuscript with cover email to submissions (at) by March 15th, 2012. In the subject line write SciFi Holiday: ‘Manuscript Title and Your Name’. More details here. Full guidelines are always worth reading before submitting and finding you’ve got something vital wrong. All stories will be selected by 30 April. Email enquiries to above address.


JG Ballard British Library Event

Press release: J G Ballard: Further Reflections

Fri 23 Sep 2011, 18.30 – 20.30

£7.50 / £5 concessions

J G Ballard: Further Reflections Event

Book now for 23 Sep 2011, 18.30 – 20.00

Famous for his provocative, dystopian visions, J G Ballard was a writer so spectacularly imaginative and distinctive that his name has become an adjective in its own right. His fiction, often shocking, predicted the rise of terrorism against tourists, the alienation of a society obsessed by new technology and ecological disasters such as the melting of the ice caps. It ranges from science fiction and psychological fables (such as Crash) that uncover the weirdness of normality, to the iconic autobiographical work Empire of the Sun. His archive was acquired by the British Library in 2010.

This event will feature contributions by some of J G Ballard’s associates and fellow authors. Speakers include writers John Gray and Toby Litt; the producer of the film of Crash Jeremy Thomas; Bea and Fay Ballard and Claire Walsh. Chaired by Philip Dodd