services for students

Proofreading, English Conversation and Assistance 

Whether you are UK-based or from one of the over 140 countries from which students come to Bournemouth and Poole every year, I can offer you a friendly, personalised proofreading or English language service.

You may need your dissertation or assignment proofreading.

Perhaps you want to practice English conversation.

Maybe you would like some help with written or spoken English.

Bournemouth based, I can work with you however suits you. If you are in the local area that can involve personal meetings, or if you prefer everything can be done by phone and email. If you are at a college of university further away then we can work exclusively by phone and online.

Just get in contact and see what I can do for you.
As a graduate of King’s College London as well as a former school teacher (I studied for my Post Graduate Certificate in Education – PGCE – at theUniversity of Sussex) and teacher of English as a Foreign Language I know all sides of the academic world.

I was a school teacher before becoming an editor and writer and have strong connections with the Bournemouth & Poole educational and literary world. I helped establish and continue to promote Bournemouth University’s worldwideNew Media Writing Prize. In 2010 I was deeply involved with Bournemouth University in launching the Poole Literary Festival.

This year, working with BU and the Jane Goodall Institute UK, I organized theBournemouth Jane Goodall Day at Bournemouth University Talbot Campus. This was a celebration Dr Jane Goodall DBE’s life and work – the Bournemouth based global environmental campaigner and United Nations Messenger of Peace – who revolutionized our understanding of primates with her study of wild chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania.

I currently liaise between the Jane Goodall Institute and Bournemouth University with regards to potential future projects, students and the JGI Roots & Shoots project.


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